Sharleen is the Uberwoman
Sharleen: Isn't she stunning
Sharleen looking beautiful as ever.
Sharleen: Isn't she stunning
Sharleen around 96/7.

To Sharleen:
Happy, happy birthday!!
Thank you for having your life make a difference!
Cathy Roussel

Werner Erhard

A World That Works For Everyone, 1980

“So, in a context of making the world work for everyone, and having that as the opportunity to create that as the context for our lives, we find we then have the power to create as the principle of our living that who we are makes a difference. That it really counts who we are.

“You see, I am quite clear that I'm never going to be the same. It's not going to be day by day, tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace. Yes, it's true, that like you, I'm going to go back to the circumstances I left. But I'll never be the same because my life will be lived in a context of my own creation . . . the only way one can have a context. My life will never be the same, because I'll have the power to shape and form my own life because I'll have the power to create the basic principles of my life. I will not go out to find out if I make a difference. I will live my life out of the principle I make a difference! And for that, I will never be the same.

“You and I…listen to this…you and I can choose to make humanity…you and I can choose to make the success of all humanity our personal business. You and I can choose to make our daily business, what we wake up for, what we go to work for, what we come home for, what we go out for, what we do the things we do in life for…you and I can choose to make as our personal business the success of all humanity. You talk about being alive. You talk about getting up with a sense of purpose. You talk about having dignity. You and I have a great, an incredible opportunity. We have the opportunity to make the success of all humanity our personal business. We can choose to be audacious enough to be responsible for the whole human family. At that level of audacity, you are truly alive. You are out there, you have swung out, you’ve stepped out, you have put yourself out, and you got it on the line.

“We can choose to make our love for each other what our lives are really about.”

On the Occassion of Sharleen's Birthday

Sharleen: “Are you Jewish?”
Me: “That depends. How Jewish are You?”
Sharleen: “Well, both of my parents are Jewish.”
Me: “I guess I'm not Jewish enough for You then.”

I suppose we knew in an instant where this might lead. While we've come a long way since then, some things don't change. I still want to call you a hundred times a day. You are still my best friend and the person I most want and love to play with.

You generate Love and Care and Beauty without thinking about it. It is who you are. You are the instant mother to a whole troupe of Lone Soldiers. You are the daughter who shifts everything in your life so you can go to a doctor's appointment with your mother in Jerusalem. You are the Mom who becomes an English teacher because heck, the school needs one. You are the Awesome Mom who has gotten up a thousand times to cook in the morning so that your kids have a solid breakfast and a proper lunch. You can't help but welcome Shabbat with meals fit for royalty.

You don't do anything in half measures. If you're going to make a hat, well cashmere it is. If you want to give someone jewelry, you make it yourself. You give people their smile back, giving them back a piece of themselves. You've heard of pre-made food, but that's not your style. It bothers you if it's not your own Challah on the table. Your food is the best, your kiddushes above and over and for everyone you can think to invite. Your house is the warmest.

You believe in people. We say that the only thing a child needs is to know his parent has his back. Our kids know that, without reserve. You have read all seven Harry Potter books to your children three times, in addition to many, many other books. You show up whenever your children have an event or a need, a new belt in Judo, a project day, another parent for the trip. You show your children how to be children, sometimes to their chagrin. You dance harder. You've been the fourth for four-square. You've played enough games of Monopoly to last you a lifetime, and yet you're still up for a game when your children call.

You've produced more Landmark programs than we can remember. You have touched literally thousands of lives. You have given people new leases on life, new relationships, a new space to be with that which is important in their lives. You have generated, again, and again, and again, your relationship with your mother, with your sister, and with the people you work and live with. You listen for what's important, and you bring that. You're a Giant, and you never think it's enough.

It's said that what distinguishes a Navy Seal is that when he has given all he has, and can't move another muscle, if a buddy is in need, he finds what he needs to keep going. You'd have made a damned fine Navy Seal.

And You continue to bring your Goofy Smile. That was our first moment, and I forget it sometimes. I don't always give you the space to smile like that, but it's that smile, and your faith in me, especially when I so often lack the faith in myself, that has made our life together possible.

Thank You for staying around so that I can Choose You, over and over again, so that I can look at my wife and partner, who seems to get sexier every time I look at her, and have something to wake up for every morning.

You're amazing. At some level you get that. My blessing for you is that you should be present to that every day of your life. You should get the gift you are to the world, and have the freedom to always let that shine.

I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

Thank You for being the person who is constantly willing to generate the rest of your life with me. It's an honor and a privilege to hold that space.


May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

Thank you! Thank you for being a great friend!

We have known each other only what 3 or 4 years by the calendar and a lifetime by the heart. I was going to say that you have made me feel like I am part of your family. That isn’t quite true. You have actually made me a part of your family.

We first met through Malka. You were there for Malka. Then I started to integrate with Malka, you, David and the boys. The next thing was you and David both being there to help me through Malka’s sickness, the sadness of her passing and the aftermath. I look forward to the times we have together, whether it be a simple phone call or one of the weekends that we share together. Great weekends always some fun, always some mental uplift and always feeling closer together as one family.

Happy Birthday!

Ken Shostack

May God bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
Forever young, forever young
May you stay forever young.

Bob Dylan. Forever Young. 1973.

As Sung by Joan Baez

My Homage to Sharleen:

To my little sister who essentially on her own
Became a fine and productive professional, well known
Quite ably raised a family with four fine sons,
Emigrated to Israel, which posed difficulties of which she made fun,
Sincerely cared for by those in Beit Rimon,
Accomplished much and has outgrown
The long time (surely hated) moniker of my baby sister,
She was always so limber she beat me at Twister,
Blessed with energy, inner joy and a love to dance as well as laugh,
When it came to work she always does much more than half,
These assets have served her and those she loves well,
Coming through both hard times and the good times, she's swell,
May the future be easier and pay you the dividends your earned
And may you be blessed with the ability to discern
Where to invest your energies as a mother, daughter and wife
In such a way that should cause you to reap a great life.

Sorry for the rhyming faults

Much Love


This is what I want to say:

Thank you Sharleen for your friendship and love. I don't know if you know, but during the time we were in Israel, you were a gift to me and my family, your friendship was priceless at a time I really needed a friend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wish you a long, healthy, happy life full of family and friends!!!

Lots of love,

Vivi Szleifer

Wish I still had the song I wrote for you two :( It died with my last computer. Please wish her my best.

Abigail Strubel, MA, LCSW, CASAC

Happy birthday to Sharleen

from Ahuva Tal Hollander

שרלין היקרה, שרלין האהובה,

אני יושבת כאן עם אימא שלי ואנחנו כותבות לך ביחד!

אני שואלת את אימא: כשאת שומעת את שמה של שרלין, מה הדבר הראשון שאת רואה בדימיונך?

אימא: איך היא הרגישה כאן אצלי בבית נוח וישר חלצה נעליים.

אני: מה עוד?

למרות שגרה ככ הרבה יותר רחוק מכולם, זה לא מנע ממנה לבוא לכל מקום.

אני מעריצה אותה על ההתמסרות שלה לילדים ולעבודה שלה.

היחסים שלה עם הבעל שלה, הם לאות ומופת.

כשאני שומעת את שמך שרלין, אני רואה בדמיוני את החיוך השובב, את שמחת החיים, הכיף שלך.

מה עוד?

את האהבה שלך לאנשים ולעשיית הבדל בחיים שלהם, ואת ההשקעה האינסופית שלך לממש את זה!

אנחנו מאחלות לך כמו שאמא אומרת: "כמו שלימד אותי הנכד הקטן שלי לראות בכל דבר את החיובי שבו".

באהבה גדולה

שלי ורחל

Sharleen with Amitai Gidalia
Sharleen with Amitai Gidalia Siegel

Dear Sharleen,

I still remember the first day that we met, eleven years ago. I felt as though I knew you my entire life. Very soon you became my mom and I became your daughter. There has been so many amazing memories together. At first it was walking up and down the hill together then we were hanging out day after day, working out, barbecues, vegetable picking and endless awesome visits.

One of the most memorable times was when you where there for me when I gave birth to my first son, Amitai Gidaliah, 4.5 kilo baby.

You stood by my side, supported me and believed in me.

I am so grateful for our friendship. Thank you for everything that you have done for me over the years.

Wishing you much health, happiness, love success and nachat from your beautiful family. You are one of a kind and I am blessed to have you as family.

Love you,


Dear Sharleen,

We want to wish you Mazal Tov on your special birthday and hope that you will celebrate many more in good health with your family.

One of the highlights of going to shul (so say the ladies ) is to see what Sharleen will wear this week! A touch of New York elegance with matching shoes in the Lower Gallilee is how they describe it.

So it was in this spirit and of course in the spirit of the many little acts of kindness you perform daily that you came round to our house whilst Alison was sitting shiva. You were on your way to a wedding and you came specially to show Alison what you were wearing and to brighten up her day!

All our love on your birthday,

Alison & Avram

שרלין יקרה,
את כל כך טובה ומקסימה!
חברה אמיתית, תמיד שמחה
רעיה ואמא מדהימה ונפלאה!
רצינו לאחל לך ליום הולדתך
אין סוף של ברכות!!!
אהבה, נחת, ואת כל הטוב שבעולם!!!
ו"כל תבקשי לו יהי" אמן!
אוהבים אותך מאד!!!
משפחת אוריך יאיר חן והילדים.

Mazal Tov

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday and best wishes from Debbie and Doron

My dearest Sharleen:

Your heart is as big as you are. There is nothing too difficult nor hard for you to do be it for your family, friends or even strangers.

I remember when you were trying to find the right school for Ilan you called, traveled and invested untold hours of your time and effort to accomplish what was necessary to find the right place. Thank Hashem that you did succeed.

We love you, wish you a Happy Birthday with all the very best. Much nachat from your beautiful family and all the very best.


שמחה מאד להיות שותפה במשהו קטן שיכול לשמח אותך לכבוד יום ההולדת שלך.

זכיתי להכיר אותך בפעם הראשונה ב"שולם זוכר" של נעם שלי. לפני שמונה וחצי שנים.

כבר אז התרשמתי מאד מהאומץ שלך ומהמיוחדות שלך. לעזוב הכל ולבוא לעשות עליה כשאת כבר לא לבד, אלא עם בעל וילדים - צריך בשביל זה המון אומץ, אמונה בצדקת הדרך ואידיאלים.

עם השנים הכרתי אותך קצת יותר, ותמיד מרגישה שאני רוצה להכיר עוד ועוד. התרשמתי משמחת החיים שלך, מהרגישות שלך לאנשים , מטוב לב בלתי נגמר. מראיה נכונה של החיים.

בשנים האחרונות "פתחנו עוד חזית" בטיפול בשיניים, וגם שם כל כך יפה לראות את הרגישות שלך, והעדינות שלך יחד עם מקצועיות והרגשת ביטחון מדהימה שאת נותנת.

מאחלת לך עוד הרבה שנים של שמחה ושכנות.

באהבה גדולה

שושי צור

Dear Sharleen,

Every friend or acquaintance has a quality that we can learn from and one thing that I admired about you from the very first time we met was your ability to do just that: make friends. I was asked to "adopt" you that first Shabbat that you came to get your first impression of Beit Rimon and instead I felt as if you adopted me. I picked you up from Sharon's house that cold winter Friday night. Remember? Hagai had a broken leg then and you kind of adopted him, too, when you took your turn pushing his wheelchair.

So it was with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we got your house ready for your Aliyah. The next day, while you took your baby to become an Israeli citizen, your kids and mine spent the day like brothers (and sister). I even remember the day Immanuel Shevach was born. You called me long distance.

As I write this, so many memories come to mind. But I'll stop here and simply with you a very happy birthday. Hagai sends his birthday wishes too.


היי דיוויד ,שרלין היקרה,

מה באמת אפשר לאחל לאישה כה מיוחדת?

אם למופת, רופאה מצוינת, אישה שמחה, מוארת מבפנים ויפה מבחוץ.

אאחל לך בריאות, לך ולאנשים האהובים עליך, שתמשיכי להאיר את העולם באורך המיוחד, שתזכי להמשיך לגדל את ילדיך בנחת להעמידם לחופה, שתחבקי נכדות ונכדים בריאים ושמנמנים ושהזוגיות עם דיויד תפרח עד לעננים.

אני מודה ושמחה להיות חלק קטן מחייך

שלומית קירצמן

בס"ד תמוז התשע"ו
שרלין יקרה ואהובה,
" היום בו נולדת הוא היום בו הקב"ה החליט
שהעולם לא יכול להתקיים בלעדייך" )מיוחס לבעש"ט(.
כבר שתיים עשרה שנים שאני מרגישה מבורכת בחברות שלנו.
אני תמיד מביטה בך בהשתאות על שמחת החיים
ואהבת החיים העצומה שיש בך.
על יצירתיות מופלאה,
רגישות ואכפתיות אינסופיים.
על היכולת להרגיש כשמישהו כואב
ולגעת בנקודה הנכונה שיכולה לעשות את השינוי.
כל שיחה איתך מאפשרת תובנות חדשות ומפתיעות.
כל מגע שלך משחרר ומרחיב.
את מעניקה אוזן קשבת, כתף תומכת
מתוך לב רחב שמקבל אותי כמו שאני.
יש בך עומק של אמת פנימית
ויכולת התבוננות מלאת רגש.
אני מאחלת לך שתמיד יהיו בך הכוחות
להיות את
מתוך אמת פנימית
ושמחה גדולה.
שתמיד "תמצאי חן ושכל טוב בעיני אלוקים ואדם"
אוהבת כל כך ומלאת הערכה, רותי.

Dear Sharleen,

Happy Birthday!

It’s been so great to renew our friendship after so many years! I couldn’t be happier that we merged our practices, and I routinely have patients come in and ask about you and reminisce. Needless to say, your dentistry is excellent.

My favorite memories of you include all the times we laughed and giggled about silly things, and also your wonderful family.

Please look me up whenever you are back in the States, as I’d love to see you again.

Best regards,

Spiro Condos


מזל טוב ליום ההולדת. שפע ברכות ואיחולים לבבים מקרב לב. את אישה מאוד מיוחדת, תמיד עם חיוך, מצב רוח טוב ובדיחה מצחיקה. באתי אליך למרפאת שינים עם הרבה חששות ופחדים. את הפרכת את כולם. זוכרת שיצאתי אחרי טיפול וסיפרתי לאלי שעשית לי סתימה אפילו בלי הרדמה והוא ממש לא האמין. הוא אמר לי שזה סימן שאת ממש טובה! אז מאחלת לך שאמשיך לספק לך פרנסה בשפע ;)

אוהבת, עדינה

Sharleen - you were smiling the first time I met you and I have never seen you otherwise. You are a spark of positive energy and endless love. I wish we had spent more time together, yes I know we were only one hill apart, but that and the winding road, figuratively and metaphorically kept us very busy.

Sharleen, you are amazing and have given so much to your family, your friends, community, and everyone who has met you.

May this 18x3 be the first of many more life's moments filled with the big 3:

  • Love
  • Health
  • and Happiness

With Much Love,

Lisa (aka Marti) and Family.

Sharleen, Best wishes for a Happy Birthday and many years of good health and Happiness.

Ernest and Ursula and Family

"גדולים החולמים חלומות גדולים
הופכים החלומות למציאות.
גדולים העוסקים במעשים קטנים
הופכים המעשים לגדולים."
(הרב משה צבי נריה, מן הפנקס הפתוח)

שרלין יקרה,

מזל טוב ויום הולדת שמח!

בהופעתך הצבעונית והנאה,
בחיוך ובשמחה שאת מביאה אתך,
ביחס החם ובתקשורת הקולחת (וכן... גם בעברית!).
את 'מאירה' את היום לי ולכל מי שפוגש אותך.

בחרתי בך כרופאת השיניים שלי, בעיניי את 'הרופאה'!
(וזו מחמאה גדולה, כי אני 'לא ממש אוהבת' טיפול שיניים).
אני סומכת עליך ומגיעה לטיפול הרבה יותר רגועה,
בזכות הסבלנות , חוש ההומור וכמובן - המקצועיות שלך.

את מאותם אנשים שחולמים חלומות גדולים והופכים אותם למציאות.
את עושה ופועלת ממקום טוב, משקיעה ואכפתית.
את מתייחסת ברצינות גם למעשים הקטנים והופכת אותם לגדולים.

למדתי ממך רבות על הקשבה והתבוננות,
על היכולת לראות את הדברים מנקודות מבט נוספות,
על מסירות ועל אחריות.

מאחלת לך שחלומותיך ורצונותיך יתגשמו לטובה.

באהבה רבה,

Birthday wishes and love to Sharleen. Enjoy your day. Be safe.

Love - David

347-242-0148 (CELL)

Happy Birthday Sharleen!!

Just wanted to send you a note wishing you a wonderful birthday!!! I'm happy we were able to see you and the family last July.

I can't believe a year has gone by already. It was such a lovely day, I'm glad we got to see the boys also. Hopefully it will not be such a long time until we can all get together again.

Lots of Love,
Bettina and Family

Happy 3XChai Sharleen, my friend, my sista-of-another-mista!

Your friendship is so dear to me, and I will always be grateful to you and David for introducing me to Landmark, and believing in me when my own self belief had waned.

Your strength as a woman, a mother, and a friend inspire me.

I've never known you to be 'too tired' or 'lazy' to go the extra mile.

The ease with which you host many people in your small home, or whipped up homemade pizza on a motzash were amazing feats, in my eyes.

I wish you many more years of health, growth, and being a contribution to your family, your community, and everyone you touch. And I look forward to many more years of sista-hood with you!

May you continue to grow from strength to strength.

With much love,
Esti Allina 🌼🎂

Dear Sharleen,

Mazal tov on your birthday! 3x chai is a wonderful number (even if it is not prime).

Although we have not always been as close as we might like, over the years we have shared both a room and many happy and some sad events. So I will use this letter for those memories and to reflect on them.

I remember when you were born and we had to share the room. It would have been fine except for the fact that every night you used to stand in the crib and scream until you threw up. Mom and Dad put a piece of linoleum under the crib so it would be easier to clean up. I remember asking why I had to be in the room with you. Fortunately, just as they said you would, you eventually stopped.

When you were around three years old, we had a snow day. Since Mom worked in the school, she had to go to Dov Revel despite the weather. The snow drifts were over our knees and it was tough to walk. Since you were small, she pulled you on a sled over a mile (1.3 km) to the school. Lucky you!

Dad’s death was a trauma to all of us. When I think of it, I can only imagine how horrible it must have been for you, the youngest. He took you to school every day. The loss was devastating. I really want to thank you for all of the years of being home with Mom, especially on Shabbat. We always tried to make sure someone was there on Shabbat so she wouldn’t be alone. Even now I know that you can be counted on to help with Mom whenever it is needed.

I was out of the house from the age of 21 and married at 23. When the kids were born, you immediately became Doda Sharleen, someone they could talk and play with and who loved them for who they are. You always brought great presents for them. We really appreciated watching you interact with our kids and the mutual affection you showed for each other.

Your coming on Aliya was an unexpected bonus. The dedication to Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael you and David showed by moving your family from 75th and Broadway to a mountain top and giving up your dental practice in New York showed an impressive love of Torat Yisrael and Hashem. It is amazing to see your kids growing up and maturing! We really appreciate your coming in for family smachot and other events even though you live so far away.

Our lives have taken different paths and we do not see each other often, but I want you to know that I am always there for you and I feel that you are there for me as well. May Hashem bless you with all that you wish yourself l’tova! May you have much nachat from the family, good health and success!

Audrey and Fred

שרלין היקרה

את אישה מיוחדת, חייכנית, אמא למופת, בת זוג מחוייבת ובן אדם מדהים שכל כולו עבור אחרים ועבור עשיית הבדל.

מאחלת לך שנה מעולה, שלא תפסיקי לעשות טוב.

התמיכה שלך במשפחה ברפאל ובילדים היא הדגמה לאהבה אינסופית ובלתי תלויה.

Am I "bad" :-) for writing in Ivrit??

Just be who you are- a source of love and support.

I love you and appreciate you so much.


First of all Sharleen, mazal tov! Health and happiness for many more…

Sharleen you are an inspiration to me. Actually, both you and David (Rafael) are an inspirational couple. You are a true team. I spent so many times in your home, where I would visit with you and then David would come home and the work flowed between the two of you. There was not feeling of one leading the other. It seemed like with little kids running around bedtime was fascinating for me to watch…one would take the little kids to bed, the other would start the clean up. One would lay comfortably on the living room couch or on your bed to read bedtime stories to the young ones, while the other would fold laudry, set the table for adult dinnertime or go into the office to work on the computer. Speaking of dinners, Sharleen, I was impressed! You worked as an orthodontist or were in the US to work for a while, you were trying to get your driver's license, taking driving lessons when you could, (frustrated at the Israeli telling you that after so many years driving in the US you could not pass the Israeli driving test!) taking care of the four children running around at home and you managed to cook healthy meals and wholesome though calorie filled desserts! To this day, I think of you whenever I eat Rieces peanut butter cups, they will never taste as good as yours! You managed to keep tract of it all, the boxes of cereal that each one preferred, the stuffed refrigerator with home cooked or fresh foods. Holidays were great too. I would come visit on Succot and David would invite me to bless with the lulav and etrog in the succah. You always made sure there was some food to offer anyone popping in. You were independent of each other but energeticly linked in all that was going on, the work and activities just seemed to flow and David stepped in just in the right place and time.

I owe you both a huge thank you. You calmed my fears when it seemed my son had a focal reading problem. You referred me to your eye specialist in Jerusalem and within a few months he was starting to read. In ninth grade, he quit all his special classes and was in all regular classes. Goose bumps covered my arms the day I saw he had written a long essay for school, tears filled my eyes and my heart sang your praises Thank you Thank you.

You both instilled in me a view of religious life as very matter of fact and important, even stopping before leaving the yishuv to read the travelers prayer heading off as the gate closed behind us was worth taking the extra time.

I miss you both, wish you health and happiness for many years to come. May we celebrate together soon at your house or at the theater!!

All this thanks to Landmark!

Monique Lewison, DVM, CVA, VSMT Veterinary Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Pet Loss at Home


I consider Sharleen my closest friend, even though we now reside in different countries. Her heart is big and inclusive ~giving of her time and being supportive to all those she meets. She laughs with an open soul and smiles as wide as the horizon.

We were introduced by my ex-boyfriend Roger —He thought we might get along. Little did he realize we would become roommates and close friends. Another gal I grew up with lived across the courtyard was named Marlene. I always considered us the SharMarI—Sharleen, Marlene and I—…or just the Lenes.

Stories –

  1. I recall when I had bought 2 identical cabinets at IKEA – Shar and Roger immediately sat down, opened the instructions and competed to see who could build the cabinet faster.
  2. On another occasion we were throwing our version of a Valentine’s party. The night before we took turns stirring the chocolate cake mix. The dough was so heavy that as we passed it back and forth taking turns mixing it—it fell on the rug in little puddles resembling doggy piddles - accidents. We could not stop laughing. I always remember Sharleen’s laughter. The following evening, Shar was in charge of the guacamole. While I was mingling with the 75 or so people that had arrived, she called me into the kitchen—I noticed it was covered with avocado –much like the movie GREMLINS—oops….Shar had forgotten to put the cover on the blender. More laughter.
  3. We were together when she met David. We stopped for lunch at a place across from Landmark and as David and his friends arrived, I looked up and quipped -- he is your type—she smiled and agreed---AND, at the same moment, they seemed to catch each other’s eyes. Soon after, a gal who was with us dared me to strike up a conversation with the David and his friends on Sharleen’s behalf. Apparently David was on a similar wavelength as at the same instant that I turned to approach his table, he got up and approached Shar at our table. Result – they met and I chatted with his pals. David even surprised Sharleen by proposing at a closing seminar at Landmark. As he got up to share with the group, I scribbled on the NYTimes on Shar’s lap that I thought he was going to propose – she said NO…and well—moments later he asked her----
  4. The rest is history---

    I treasure our brief visits but always relish the fact that we seem to pick up where we leave off—it is as if time stands still—a rare friendship----

    Apologies for not being able to find pictures at this time----I regret we didn’t get a chance to take a girl’s trip without a sprained ankle.

    Those of you in Israel have in your presence ~ a true spirit of joy -- a rare treasure—may she always be appreciated---and cherished---

    All my love on your birthday—Ilene S.

Dear Sharleen,

Mazel tov on the occasion of this very special birthday and many happy returns of the day, to 120 – like 20. May the years ahead be blessed with good health, happiness, contentment, success, peace and prosperity; and may the love and smiles of your dearest and nearest be your daily companions.

It is several years now that I had the good fortune of visiting David, you and your family in Bet Rimmon. I had known David from ETAI conferences but had never met his family. What a lovely stay it turned out to be! Even though I arrived as a stranger I was welcomed with open arms as if we had known each other for years.

The hospitality you and your family showed to me was truly second to none. It was just a day or so before Pesach and even without me being there you had more than enough on your plate what with getting the house ready for the chag, getting rid of the chametz, koshering cooking utensils and tidying up your house. It was an absolutely delightful stay, which I fondly remember to this day.

I do hope that at some point in the future I will be able to return your generous and relaxed hospitality when you and David come and visit me at my place.

Much love,

שרלין היקרה

מזל טוב! מזל טוב! ליום הולדתך המיוחד.......

אכן זכינו להכיר בחורה מיוחדת ,שבעצה אחת עם הבעל דוד היקר ,עזבו את ארץ מולדתם ועלו לארץ הקודש ארץ ישראל.

לא קלה היא הדרך, למרות קשיי הקליטה השפה והחיבור לקהילה לסביבה חדשה הצלחת להתמודד עם כל המכשולים להשתרשת בארץ.

שרלין !

יש לך לב רחב נדיב מקצוען וחכם!!!

תמיד את בצד האופטימיות של החיים,מחייכת לבבית ושנונה.אנו רוצים לאחל לך,להמשיך לרוות נחת מהמשפחה - דוד והילדים.

שתזכי לרוב נחת!!!

האוהבים אותך
שרה ואליהו
בית רימון

With Best Wishes from Linda Howard:

In All Ways A Woman - Poem by Maya Angelou

In my young years I took pride in the fact that luck was called a lady. In fact, there were so few public acknowledgments of the female presence that I felt personally honored whenever nature and large ships were referred to as feminine. But as I matured, I began to resent being considered a sister to a changeling as fickle as luck, as aloof as an ocean, and as frivolous as nature. The phrase 'A woman always has the right to change her mind' played so aptly into the negative image of the female that I made myself a victim to an unwavering decision. Even if I made an inane and stupid choice, I stuck by it rather than 'be like a woman and change my mind.'

Being a woman is hard work. Not without joy and even ecstasy, but still relentless, unending work. Becoming an old female may require only being born with certain genitalia, inheriting long-living genes and the fortune not to be run over by an out-of-control truck, but to become and remain a woman command the existence and employment of genius.

The woman who survives intact and happy must be at once tender and tough. She must have convinced herself, or be in the unending process of convincing herself, that she, her values, and her choices are important. In a time and world where males hold sway and control, the pressure upon women to yield their rights-of-way is tremendous. And it is under those very circumstances that the woman's toughness must be in evidence.

She must resist considering herself a lesser version of her male counterpart. She is not a sculptress, poetess, authoress, Jewess, Negress, or even (now rare) in university parlance a rectoress. If she is the thing, then for her own sense of self and for the education of the ill-informed she must insist with rectitude in being the thing and in being called the thing.

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but a woman called by a devaluing name will only be weakened by the misnomer. She will need to prize her tenderness and be able to display it at appropriate times in order to prevent toughness from gaining total authority and to avoid becoming a mirror image of those men who value power above life, and control over love.

It is imperative that a woman keep her sense of humor intact and at the ready. She must see, even if only in secret, that she is the funniest, looniest woman in her world, which she should also see as being the most absurd world of all times. It has been said that laughter is therapeutic and amiability lengthens the life span. Women should be tough, tender, laugh as much as possible, and live long lives. The struggle for equality continues unabated, and the woman warrior who is armed with wit and courage will be among the first to celebrate victory.

Maya Angelou

מזל טוב לשרלין, חברתי האהובה,

הרגע הראשון בו הבחנתי בך היה כשחילקת לנו גבינה משובחת ואמרת שהיא נורא טעימה.
אחר כך חילקת חלה בשבת ועוגות ומה לא.
הכל היה טעים ומדהים וגדוש אהבה.

הכל על רקע הצחוק המתנגן שלך, המדבק והמחבק...

חרוטות בזיכרוני השמלות הפרחוניות שלך, לצד הסנדלים הצבעוניים וכיסויי הראש התואמים.
הכל מלא שמחת חיים, רגיש ומרגש, הכל חיבוק אחד גדול, חכם וחם 

זוכרת את הפליאה שעדיין מרגשת אותי, על כמה את מוכנה להשקיע באהבת האדם האין-סופית שלך, בהפצת חוכמת לנדמרק לכל העולם :
נסיעות אורכות יום ולילה, בנוסף למשפחה יפה ולא קטנה שאת מטפחת ועוטפת באהבה עמוקה, בנוסף למקצוע מאתגר של רופאת שיניים.
ומכל זה עוד נשאר לך המון להעניק לאחרים.
הכל אפשרי אצלך, הכל קסם אחד גדול של אור ושמחה !

ואיזו משפחה ! שרק יהיו לך כולם בריאים ומאושרים !
הפגישה האחרונה שלי עם דוד ואילן שלך הייתה כמו חלום בהקיץ.
חזרתי למחרת לעבודה מלאה באנרגיות מופרזות ולא זכרתי למה. צחקתי המון והדבקתי את כולם בשמחתי הבלתי מוסברת.
שאלו אותי מה לקחתי הבוקר  רצו מרשם...
ואז נזכרתי : לקחתי חלק בערב מרגש, עם אנשים מקסימים ומדהימים וספגתי תדרים גבוהים של אהבה.
שמעתי שם את סיפור האהבה שלך עם דוד והרגשתי את האהבה של בנך אל רחל, אלי ואל כל העולם.
עולם של אהבה שיצרת סביבך, עולם של נדיבות, רגישות ותבונה, עולם עוטף ומלטף.
עולם בו כשאת אומרת sweety את מתכוונת לזה מכל הלב ואני נרגעת במו בנס וכל העולם חוזר לחייך אליי.

כל זה רשמתי ברגע אחד, לו הייתי משקיעה יותר זמן היו לי המון דברים מרגשים להוסיף.
מצרפת מספר תמונות של העולם בו הכרנו ואת היית בו נקודת אור פרחונית, פצצת אהבה ותבונה מחבקת.

אז מזל טוב יקירתי האהובה, הצלחה בכל מעשייך הברוכים, בריאות והמווון נחת מכל אוהבייך ואבהוביך המקסימים ! :-*

Happy Birthday Sharleen!

As Sharleen’s first cousin, I have known Sharleen for almost all of her life.

However, during our childhood there was not much interaction between us, due to our age difference of more than 3 years (!) which was a big deal when you are only 10 or 15 years old. I don’t remember much about Sharleen from that period of our lives, except for all of us older kids ganging up on her and scaring her in the basement of her Forest Hills house (which we called the dudgeon!). I do remember very vividly that she was always very cheerful, always with a smile on her face, and always happy to tag along and join in whatever us ‘older’ cousins and siblings were doing.

After many years of distance between us, with myself living in Israel and Sharleen building a life in NY, I was ‘re-introduced’ to Sharleen at a much later age, upon her aliya to Israel with her family.

This has been for me and Rechela a HUGE gift, Sharleen being the very very special person that she is. She is ALWAYS interesting and a pleasure to talk with, always engaged in a very intimate manner, always honest (dugri) and insightful, and just a very positive person who’s energy and enthusiasm is very contagious.

Sharleen is also an excellent chef and hostess, a wonderful mother to her kids, and, as I can personally contest - an excellent dentist.

Rechela and I wish Sharleen a very happy birthday, ad 120, and we hope to have the pleasure and honor to spend many many many more occasions together.

Love from Rechela and Phil

Dear Doda Sharleen

On your birthday we want to wish you mazal tov! May you continue to be happy, healthy, successful, a great mother and wife and only good things should come your way.

Ad 120 happy and healthy years.

Love you,
The Goldsteins

לשרלין היקרה
מברכת אותך לכבוד יום הולדתך-
שתמשיכי להיות צבעונית מבחוץ ומבפנים,
שברכת ה' תמיד תהיה עלייך
בבריאות ובאושר
עם כל יקירייך.
נעמה שדה

דודה שרלין היקרה!

את בשבילי מקור השראה לפתיחות וגמישות בחיים.
אישה שלא מפחדת לעשות.
שנאמנה לעצמה, לחלומות. ומגשימה בלי סוף.

מאחלת לך את כל הטוב,
שהחיים ימשיכו ויאירו לך פנים,
שתראי את הטוב, ותעשי את הטוב.
ותהיי מלאת אנרגיות טובות ועשיה ברוכה.

מתוך בריאות. ואמונה ושפע של ברכה ושמחה.

אוהבת אותך


Of course I want to wish all of you very well wishes for your birthday, and every day of each of your lives. I am thrilled you both found each other and have the gift of your kids, may you all remain in excellent health.

The times I spent with Sharleen before you met in your Life Event were perfect for that time in life and fodder for the events that lead her to you.

My memories are a small piece of what made her enticing and attractive to you. You are what allows and guides her to develop into the person she is and will be.

I hope this adds to the celebration you both share, I try to use Skype and still pay a lot for my phone. I am still trying to understand modern day communication. There is a benefit to kids.

Love you all,

שרלין היקרה

רפאל היקר

לא פלא שאתם זוג

יד נעלמה חברה אתכם לפני שנים וטוב שכך

נפלא לפגוש אתכם בכל פעם מחדש

שרלין האהובה

ראשית כל -מזל טוב

לשלוש פעמים חי

ימי הולדת

נחגגים בשמחה רבה מכל הלב

שרלין (בלי לנדמרק אי אפשר ) המנהיגה

רבבות אנשים ממתינים שתעשי הבדל בחייהם

לא להקשיב לקול הקטן שלך

יש להקשיב רק לנו בכל פעם שהוא קופץ

נשמה שלי-אוהבת אותך וגאה להיקרא חברה שלך.

עם המון אהבה

שרלין יקרה,

מזל טוב ליום הולדתך .כמה נעים לדעת שאת חלק מהישוב שלנו .תמיד נעימה ,מסבירת פנים ומוכנה לעזור בכל עת .כמטופלת שלך במרפאת השיניים בלביא אני יכולה להעיד על אחריות ,מסירות למטופלים ובעיקר היכולת שלך לתת תחושת בטחון גם לפחדנים כמוני מרופא שיניים .זאת ועוד כמה נעים להסתכל עלייך תמיד לבושה בטוב טעם .אז אני מבקשת לאחל לך הרבה שנים של בריאות שמחה והגשמה עצמית.

באהבה רחל וקנין

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